Vision Meets Practice

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You’ve got to believe it and see it to achieve it!

Vision with action makes a powerful realityRon Kaufman

We are entering the season of change. Every commercial for clothes or food or anything suddenly becomes rampant with New Year’s resolutions, weight loss, fitness, and life changes. These commercials circulate to make money off the world considering how they will renew efforts to take healthy steps in their life. Well since we are all thinking about health let’s think about it in a real and healthy way.

I want to see you succeed and excel at your health goals this coming year. We have talked about how our team sets goals and uses mindfulness. We’ve also talked about how our purpose fuels our mission. One of the most important parts of how this practice has served this incredible community is vision. Whatever you set your sights on to change this year, you need a picture in the distance…a vision. This almost sounds corny, but the truth is that it’s not enough to have a vague imagining of the 5 pounds you want to lose or to fit in your jeans from three years ago. You need inspiration, something that fires you up when you look at it. My team and I have made vision boards for years. Some are people’s screensavers that hold a collage of desires for the upcoming year: broncos, homes to be bought, dance lessons for their kids, or positions they want to hold. Other people make posters and hang them where they can see them. Whatever you decide to do to visualize what you can achieve this year, truly take the time to create an image that motivates you toward that goal. When I set goals, I think about the different categories of my life: family, marriage, business, hobbies, finances, health…for each of these categories there are specific pieces that lead toward my vision. From 12-week accomplishments to 5 years I see what I want my future to look like and I create steps that could make those things happen. It all has to start with intention, but it can’t stop there.

To the person who does not know where he wants to go, there is no favorable windSeneca

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