Facts or Feelings? ?

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Are your feelings leading you astray? 

Most people think they make decisions based off logic. That the sense something makes, is why you might do it. Honestly, that’s not true. During the super bowl every year people watch the commercials and what are those commercials showing you? One of my favorite commercials is the Budweiser commercial because it always touches my heart. One year, it was a horse escaping over and over to get back to his owner. Everyone who knows me knows I will tear up at something sappy. So why does Budweiser focus on horses and relationships instead of beer? Because it catches you in your feels. But jeez my job would be so much easier if you made those decisions off of cold hard facts and results.

Going to the gym = healthier body and mind. Still those results don’t mean much until all the ads after Christmas about taking off your pie pounds.

Let’s be real, the thing you don’t like about the gym is how long it takes to see results and the fact that you have to put the work in. They say 4 weeks in the gym and you notice, 8 weeks and everyone else does. So why are we willing to call quick fixes “snake oil” until it pertains to our health.

There are no quick fixes, no get rich quick schemes, and no trees that grow money ?…we can wish.

When people make decisions based on feeling, they look for what is going to make them FEEL better but not necessarily what is going to actually make them better.

Injections… Injections are the absolute most common method to address some major joint dysfunction (shoulder, knee, and hip). The truth is nothing about that injection fixes the problem. It’s a steroid that reduces inflammation, energizes the body a bit to speed up healing but only for the time that shot is in your system. Sometimes, it makes you feel better.

People call to make an appointment and they say “I went to my doctor about my shoulder, and I told him what’s been going on and he said it’s probably bursitis and told me to take an ibuprofen. I went back and he finally gave me a Cortisone shot and it worked the first time but came back. The second one didn’t even work.” I’m not even kidding, we probably get a call like this 3-4x a week. When it doesn’t feel better and they have gone to the surgeon and he says, “we have to cut on you” they say “Woah, let me look into some other options first.”

After all the feelings are out of the way, that is finally when people come to the office and start looking at things logically. Oh…healing takes time. Oh…my shoulders were out of position. Oh…I’m having chronic flare ups because of a lack of conditioning. Oh… it’s not my shoulder, it’s my neck. Oh…when the pain is gone it’s not over?

Bicep tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, bursitis, AC joint dysfunction, frozen shoulder … so many issues that people believe that there isn’t anything you can do, but shots and surgery. If there’s a problem, there’s a solution but don’t wish for it, work for it.

If you don’t just want to feel better, you want to be better, give me a call.

Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.

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