Dry Needling

Increase Healing & Restoration While Reducing Pain

What is Dry Needling?

Pain is a response to dysfunction. While removing pain is a priority, the highest priority is finding and healing the source of dysfunction. Dry needling is about muscle, tendon, and soft tissue restoration. Without restoring function to those tissues, dysfunction will continue and propagate further damage to the surrounding areas.

While dry needling isn’t the final and complete answer to healing, it is a significant tool utilized alongside chiropractic, rehabilitative exercise, and anti-inflammatory treatment.

Over 50 years ago, muscle pain referral was found to have strong interaction with muscle and nervous system function. As research has developed, modern dry needling has become a proven method for increasing healing and restoration in tissue while reducing pain.

Not to be confused with acupuncture, dry needling has a different process and purpose that relies on modern medical science and is utilized by several disciplines, including orthopedic, neurological, chiropractic, and pain management physicians. 

Dry needling is also a technique used across multiple conditions. It can treat neck, back, hip, heel, arm, and shoulder issues. Essentially, anywhere muscular stress can be identified. Dry needling assists a broad range of individuals, from the athlete to the elderly. Returning to daily function or improving performance, it could be the answer for your acute or chronic issue.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling Treats:

Dry Needling

When considering how to address a specific condition it is important to start with a complete understanding of the issue at hand. Patients in our office begin with a thorough evaluation that determines the origin of the problem to inform treatment that will provide the best results possible.  Dry needling is an incredible addition to the varying technologies and techniques available. It can be utilized in conjunction with other methods to address soft tissue healing while working on alignment

Many patients start care because their pain is persistent and answers haven’t been found elsewhere. The conservative care techniques in this office rely on the natural functions of the body to be restored and engage the healing process. 

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