The PLUS Side

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Open the Door to the PLUS Side…

A first visit to the office is a surprise…

New patients expect the normal chiropractic office and typical accouterments. We are anything but typical.

The practice certainly started somewhere in that realm, but over the years as new technology and new research was presented internationally on health, we knew we didn’t want to provide our patients with only the basics. Of course, you need chiropractic but, how can you provide even better results for patients?

Our mission isn’t just to make sure people are in alignment and out of pain. Our mission and our vision is to serve the community and transform the way they view health. To take steps to avoid medication and surgery and not just be out of pain but to live a thriving healthy life.

We want to be a place of refuge from the “go to another office we don’t do that here” and instead provide advisory on how to take a proven approach to address issues chemical, nutritional, muscular, skeletal, and even mental. So, the treatments we offer help people with conditions they’ve had for years, because no one else is doing what we do.

Our laser therapy is reenergizing cells to heal faster, reducing inflammation, and treating pain. The pulsed electromagnetic therapy we have, can heal muscle damage, strengthen bone density, and increase healing speed, exponentially. We have a full rehabilitative suite to recondition the body and prevent chronic issues. Neurogenx is so effective at treating neuropathy that it’s giving people back the freedom to drive, play with their kids, and just enjoy their lives without the pain and numbness. We have helped people with major gastrointestinal issues establish gut health, helped children avoid medication by treating ADHD, and helped people who wanted to feel the plus side of their own lives through optimal health.

We provide our patients with opportunity. They can treat pain and move on. They can get past pain and take steps to condition to avoid reinjury.

The really incredible results we see, are people who came for their pain and changed their perspective of their health potential. They took their life by the reins and decided that they were worth the investment and made some changes. That is why we do what we do.

We are Carolina Chiropractic but…

Our PLUS side is:

  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Supplemental recommendations
  • Foundational support
  • Rehabilitative care
  • Neuropathy treatment
  • Neurofeedback treatment
  • Advanced pain treatment without drugs or surgery
  • A team with a passion for this community that has fun doing it!

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. – Steve Jobs

Examination, X-rays & Report of Findings for only $49
(Original Value of $250)

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