Commitment Is The Hardest Part

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Don’t find yourself reacting to crisis!

In this season of resolutions and new habits for 2022, don’t let easy obstacles keep you in old ways.

Here are 6 tips to stay on track with your goals:

  1. Hit the three points of health…Mind, Body, and Spirit
    Whatever your resolutions are, don’t pick up one ball and drop the others. Its often the case, that when we get so focused on one change, we don’t keep up with the things we had figured out. It takes 21 days to create a habit. Make sure you’re taking care of your mental health. You don’t have to be perfect its all in the progress. Don’t forget your spiritual health, take time to connect with what keeps you grounded and at peace. Finally, your physical, don’t push so hard on fitness that you burn yourself out. Bite off what you can chew and keep pushing for a better you. Aim for better than you were yesterday.
  2. If you mess up, don’t let it stop you from the long term goal.
    Did you eat a basket of fries, forget to meditate, or get stressed? Don’t let the hiccup stop you from end game. This is where your vision comes in. Inspire yourself to push through. The process is hard, but quitting won’t speed it up.
  3. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals. (Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Timely.)
    You’re trying to be a better you, so don’t take on the world at once. Specific goal setting means you can look for exactly that outcome, don’t be vague. Measurable, choose something you can track as you go along. Trying to lose weight? Pick an inches lost or pounds lost goal. You’ll lose it with excitement when you see the number you’re looking for. Achievable… it might not be possible to cut out all the soda drinking in 2 days. Think about how you can really make the goal happen and shoot for it. Use something Relevant, choose something you deal with often, something that would bring you peace to achieve it. If you’re stressing about money, don’t choose a goal to go to Disney world next month. Timely, pick a timeline that works for what your goal is. Don’t put it too far out but, not too close either. 40 lbs. in 2 months may not be a reasonable timeline but a year could be. Remember, you want to make the change, so do it within reason, and pick something that will make your life better.
  4. Check your bubble.
    If you’re trying to quit smoking, don’t surround yourself with friends that smoke. Whatever your bubble is, has a big impact on how well you succeed and what you want to change. Trying to change eating habits? You’ll want to start with a kitchen purge.
  5. Start small and build your routine.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day. Make sure that the changes you implement are buildable and something you can incorporate in a routine, so they can grow as you succeed at them.
  6. You don’t need the outfit, contraption, or trend.
    If you commit to being healthier by choosing a new thing to add to your habits, don’t worry about what the latest and greatest is. Ask the professionals, start small, and dedicate yourself to the process. Commitment is the most important but the hardest part.

When you make changes in your life for the better, you will notice how you look or feel in four weeks, your inner circle notices in six weeks, and the world notices at eight weeks. Once you start seeing or feeling the change you will be fueled to push harder and take on more.

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