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There are no get rich or get fixed quick schemes that work

Sometimes I have conversations with folks where they express some concern about the time frame of their treatment, or my team has discussions with potential patients about the efficacy of the one-adjustment-fix myth.

“I just need to get popped and then I’ll be fine”

The reality is that anything you do from a standpoint of overnight change is only going to give you overnight results. Your adjustments work on a similar timeline to gym visits, each visit works on the last like building blocks. The funny thing is there are a million wild at home contraptions that are marketed to be the “answer”. They range from electrical shocks to vibrations, clothing, and everything in between.

The American Posture Institute states that 80% of the population suffers from posture related pain.
86% of U.S. workers sit for the majority of their workday.

The issues with posture gizmos:

Cheating- Most of the electronic posture correctors don’t properly detect incorrect posture and as soon as the alerts become annoying people begin to cheat. (Sitting differently, moving less, taking it off, etc)

Time consuming- If it’s cleaning an area for application, fighting your way into a special clothing item, or reading the display on your posture app to modify accordingly (often every 15 seconds) they become very time consuming for daily use.

Training to use correctly- Sometimes there is equipment marketed for posture that aims to strengthen the muscles the body uses to hold itself up. Unfortunately, focusing specifically on those groups requires some training on how to appropriately use the equipment. Success requires supervision to ensure you are continuously modeling the appropriate movement. This isn’t even touching the likelihood you’re going to truly utilize it with the frequency it requires for the best results.

Noticeability- Many of these contraptions are very visible. People buy them initially and try to wear them under clothes but they’re uncomfortable and you don’t want to explain your new harness to everyone you meet.

Consistency issues- Consistency is key with any practice. Good posture must become a habit. So when the novelty wears off on these devices people stop using them. No progress will be gained with inconsistent use.

Its not always the case that these devices don’t work at all, but the problem is that there is no quick fix for posture. You need supervision, accountability, consistency, and a varied approach. Posture won’t fix poor alignment, posture correctors don’t do enough to rehabilitate the strength in the body to hold you in a natural good posture, and the expense is often wasted when commitment is typically low toward creating the habit. Come into the office and we will touch all the bases to ensure your spine and surrounding tissues are on their way toward appropriate posture. But there’s no such thing as a quick fix.

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