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Passion and purpose come from so many directions for all of us. It’s honestly somewhat rare that someone enters a field, and they have no history that somehow connects to it.  My team is made up of real people with stories that connect them to what they do every day. That thought made me think of one of our chiropractic assistants. 

She’s excited about what she does, and she shares her story and her experience with patients when they’re struggling or nervous. One that strikes me is when she talks about her mom. Her mom had an extremely difficult upbringing: stress, abuse, poor diet, etc. As an adult she had some health struggles. 

She was incredible to her daughter when she could be, but she got migraines at least once to sometimes three times a week that lasted days. Her mom stayed in bed, curtains drawn, and with a cold rag in her room in total silence. There was nothing she could do. The pain was debilitating. Her daughter would wait and hope that when it was over, they could spend time together. For years her mom dealt with this crippling pain and the impact it had on her friendships, her family, and even keeping jobs when she couldn’t go into work. 

Eventually she heard from a friend that chiropractic was a potential option. She had tried medication, oils, ice, and nothing helped, and she finally decided to go. Her daughter recalls laying on the floor under the adjustment table and making faces at her mom while her mom’s face was down in the opening of the head rest. She said that after her mom had been going for a few weeks she stopped having migraines as frequently and then eventually not at all. Everything changed, they shopped, travelled, explored, and enjoyed life. Now that her mom has passed on, it means so much to her that they had that time together.

When you’re in pain you are trapped. Trapped in your discomfort but also away from what you could be doing if you felt able.

Migraines aren’t just headaches; they can mean everything from light sensitivity to nerve pain and often eventually depression. Migraines are one of those invisible issues that completely change the way you live your life. 

When patients come to our office with migraines, Bryanna’s face lights up. She knows what we can do and what kind of change can take place for someone. She feels that purpose ignite in hearing someone say they haven’t had a migraine in 2 months.

If you are being held back from your purpose by headaches, chronic migraines, or pain in general; we have a team that is here for you not just with care but with passion to help you restore your health and live well.
“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” 
Bishop T.D. Jakes

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