How Does Neuropathy Lead To Increased Falls In Seniors?

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Neuropathy has a high occurrence in the aging population, especially diabetics.

Have you noticed that your senior adults are slowing down a bit?

Not as able to tend their own gardens or handle as many of their household chores? 

Or maybe on vacation this year you were helping maneuver their wheelchair access and canes for the first time? 
Something that we have noticed with our aging populations, and diabetics in particular, is the incidence of neuropathy. It usually starts with burning and tingling in the hands or feet, but as it impacts the feet, balance issues are inevitable. 

The impact in confidence, perpetuates the fall cycle. 

  • Balance issues = falls
  • Falls = lost confidence/compensation
  • Reduced movement= reduced ability
  • Reduced ability=more falls. 

The cycle goes on until even more damage occurs. 

The really scary thing about elderly balance issues are the statistics. ?

Listen to this… The WHO says “Adults older than 60 years of age suffer the greatest number of fatal falls.”

Here is the stat that makes me send you this email: The National Institute of Health did a study that found “the reported 1-year mortality after sustaining a hip fracture is estimated 14% to 58%”

That is a staggering number! The hip is not attached to vital organs. That is purely the fall cycle!

We want to help! Whether its addressing neuropathy before it impacts balance or addressing a variety of existing balance issues (neuropathy included), we have the technology to solve some of these problems. Not from symptom base, but a life changing impact on the life span of your loved ones! Please take this to heart because it is a preventable/treatable issue! We can provide what you need to restore confidence and stability so that you can stay active and healthy very late in life!

“The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.” – Andy Rooney

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