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How Effective Are Our Lower Back Treatments?

Here are just a few of our patients stories

  • Ginger O. Avatar

    positive review  The staff and the doctors are wonderful. They make you feel at home. They have helped me and my oldest son with our back pain. I used to have alot of pain in my lower back but since I've been going here it has helped me tremendously. I've done the cross fit training, massage chair, atm and being adjusted has really helped me. I don't have hardly any pain anymore and that helps a lot with my job. The program they set you on that goes with what you need to help you really does help. I would still be in a lot more pain than I have been if I hadn't come here. My son was having back pain as well and he's 14 yrs old. He uses the vibe plate, atm and gets adjusted as well and it helps him too. Thank you so much for helping us.

    Ginger O.
  • Before I started with Spinal Decompression, I was experiencing sharp pain on my hip down to my leg. Since starting regular Spinal Decompression Care, I’m experiencing no pain in my lower back and legs.

    I can see Spinal Decompression Care benefiting my overall health in the future by eliminating pain. If somebody I knew hasn’t tried it yet, I would recommend it because it works.

    Hannah H.
  • Before I started with Spinal Decompression I was experiencing severe lower back pain while trying to shop or go for a walk, even getting up and down from a chair was painful. Since starting regular Spinal Decompression Care, I can go shopping and walking relatively pain free. Getting up and down from a different position is so much easier now.

    I can see Spinal Decompression benefiting my overall health in the future by allowing me to do more things with my family and friends relatively pain free, a way of life I thought I had lost to back pain. If somebody I knew hasn’t tried it yet, I would recommend it because I know spinal decompression has given me back my mobility.

    Sherry P.
  • When I started coming to Carolina Chiropractic Plus I was dealing with lower back and leg pain. Walking was unbearable! I was unable to do my yard work and go grocery shopping. Plus, I could no longer go fishing alone, due to the pain. After trying over the counter medications and a heating pad for several months, with no change, I called CCP! Thanks to the decompression and chiropractic treatments I am 100% improved!!! I am able to go fishing along, grocery shop and walk without pain. Everyone at CCP is so nice and professional and they really care about you.

    Scott R.
  • Kim D. Avatar

    Why did I start care at Carolina Chiropractic Plus? Because my pain caused me to be out of work for three weeks. I was experiencing lower back pain, as well as pain shooting down my leg to my foot all of the time. I had dealt with the pain everyday for over a month. I did have injections and they did relieve the pain for short periods of time. I work in a warehouse so I could not bend, lift, sit or stand for long periods of time, again causing me to miss work. The first day I came in I was put on the decompression table. As soon as I stood up, I had NO shooting pain down my leg, NO tingling in my foot and NO pain in my back. I was really shocked when I came off decompression and I had no pain because I could walk normal and not favor one leg.

    Kim D.
  • Courtney P. Avatar

    When I first began care my lower back was killing me. I did nothing to aggravate it. I was just walking down the hall and all of the sudden I couldn’t move. Even basic movements like walking or going from sitting to standing were so painful I would cry. I tried to treat myself for two days prior to calling. As I thought I could fix myself. As a certified athletic trainer, I tried heat, ice, NSAIDS, electrical stimulation and stretching but nothing helped. Everything under the sun hurt! I don’t know how I even drove to work safely. All I wanted to do was lay or stand and NEVER move. Within one week of starting Decompression and Laser Therapy care at CCP they had me moving with 50% less pain. Dr. Brad understood my activity level at work and provided me with the most optimal care. I have noticed an improvement in my general health as well as my flexibility. Again, as a certified athletic trainer that has worked with all types of professions in the medical field I highly recommend the staff at Carolina Chiropractic Plus!

    Courtney P.
  • Before I started K-Laser Care, I was experiencing severe pain in my lower back and right knee and leg. Since starting regular K-Laser Care, my back is better and my knee is at least 95% better. I can walk without limping and I can straighten my leg completely out, which I hadn’t been able to do since having knee replacement. I can now stand and cook and do things I was unable to do.

    I can see K-Laser benefiting my overall health in the future by helping with my OA and fibromyalgia as it flares up. I will come here rather than go to an orthopedic doctor. If someone I knew hasn’t tried it yet, I would recommend it because it works better than shots or therapy I have had.

    Peggy R.
  • Last year I suffered with headaches and lower back pain. I found my care here at Carolina Chiropractic Plus to be very helpful. I now have few headaches and my lower back has gone away. I found the doctors and staff very friendly and helpful. I now get my entire family adjusted to help them to stay healthy.

    T. C.
  • I first met the doctors of Carolina Chiropractic Plus at a health screening. They scanned my spine with the ProAdjuster and were able to find a problem in my lower back that I had suffered with for many years. I chose to seek care at their office and found great relief of my back pain! Later, when I suddenly began having headaches, the doctors were able to help me with those as well! The doctors are great and really care about their patients. The staff makes you feel welcome and at home.

    P. K.
  • Before I started Chiropractic Care, I was experiencing soreness in my lower back which prevented me from doing all household chores, bathing my dog and doing yard work. Since starting regular Chiropractic Care, I am not having much soreness in my lower back and knees. Now I am able to work in my yard, give the dog a bath, and do house work with less pain.

    I can see Chiropractic benefiting my overall health in the future by keeping me strong and feeling better. If somebody I knew hasn’t tried it yet, I would recommend it because it has been a blessing to me. It is just wonderful.

    Ann B.

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What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Our backs take a lot of abuse during our life. Sometimes lower back pain is just the result of issues that can come with age. Other times, lower back pain can be caused by activities such as working, strenuous exercise, accidents or changes to our bodies, such as during pregnancy for many women.

There are a variety of issues that can affect your lower back and keep you in pain. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Muscle or Ligament Strain
  • Bulging or Ruptured Disks
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Misalignment

How Serious Is Lower Back Pain?

Millions of people suffer from lower back pain that causes constant or recurring pain and lack of mobility. Many take medication to push them through the day and mask the pain, but it doesn’t treat the problem. In fact, this method can cause the issue to worsen since it keeps those suffering from seeking proper treatment.

How We Provide Knee Pain Relief

The first step is to identify what is causing the pain and how serious the issue is. Once we know that, we create a custom treatment plan for every patient since no two injuries are exactly the same. This means you’ll get the treatment that works best for your specific condition and not just a standard list of treatments.

Your specific treatment plan may include:

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New Patient Special Offer:

Initial Exam, X-Rays & Report Of Findings Only $79*
(Normally $250)

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