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General Reviews

Carolina Chiropractic Plus Foot Pain Testimonial from Daniel S.Ten years of suffering from severe foot pain finally brought me to Carolina Chiropractic Plus. I had tried multiple types of over the counter pain relief and even went as far as to have an attending nurse while at work for my debilitating pain. Normal life was stalled as I was unable walk, stand or bend without being in pain. I had to rely on the help of my grandchildren, because I couldn’t do these things on my own. Since I began treatments at Carolina Chiropractic Plus, I have now been without pain in my foot and I am now able to do the activities I like completely pain free. I’m finally starting to get my life back and could not begin to express my gratitude towards the staff at Carolina Chiropractic Plus.

 - Daniel S.

review from Corissa for Carolina Chiropractic Plus“Prior to starting care at Carolina Chiropractic Plus I was having severe neck pain that caused migraines and TMJ! This all started at the age of 16 and progressively got worse of the years. I’ve been to doctors, dentists and orthodontists all told me I was just going to have to live with the TMJ. I took muscle relaxers and massive amounts to Motrin to get any relief. When I would get a headache they would be so severe I would literally get sick. Since starting care at CCP my neck pain and headaches are now gone. The staff here is awesome, friendly, caring and very informative of your treatments.”

Corissa L.


review from Solomon W. for Carolina Chiropractic Plus“I’m grateful for more sleep. Upon starting care with Carolina Chiropractic Plus I was suffering with recurring pain in my right shoulder, arm and wrist. The pain bothered me for 10+ years and a weekly and sometimes daily basis. I visited with various doctors, specialist, pain doctors and orthopedic doctors. I also tried various medications! The pain affected my typing or using my smartphone, which is a job requirement of mine. Since starting care my pain is much more manageable and occurs less often. It rarely wakes me up anymore. I love the positive environment here and how helpful and friendly everyone is.”

 Solomon W.

Genuine concern is expressed by everyone from the front office to the doctors, a pleasant experience all around. My daily nerve pain has diminished by 80% within the first 7 treatments

- Judith H.
I love how friendly everyone is everyday and how they treat you on a personal level

-Tera E.

I began going to Carolina Chiropractic Plus when I was 15 years old, after a car accident. Since that time I have had a couple more injuries, as well as 2 children. The doctors have been able to help me recover from my injuries and now help me remain healthy. Chiropractic helped my child when she was having frequent ear infections, and I now have my newborn son under care to keep him from being sick as well. I have been a patient for 10 years and it has been wonderful! The staff is great and they get to know you personally.

- J. Williams

I have been a patient for several years now. I originally came in as a result of an accident, however, my most recent experience was related to an undiagnosed health problem. I began to have severe pain and swelling in my feet that soon spread to my knees, hips and other joints. I was having to use a cane to walk and wear braces on my knees. Having visited my family doctor and others, and been treated with medication that was not helping, Dr. Rogers insisted that I have blood work done and see a specialist. After several doctors, it was determined I had a serious viral infection that was attacking my joints. Once diagnosed, I was able to treat the infection to rid it from my body. The doctors at Carolina Chiropractic Plus prescribed a rehab program to help me with the pain and regain function of my joints. They also recommended the Isagenix Cleansing program that helped to remove the toxins accumulated in body as a result of the many medications and steroids I took during the months I was affected by the virus. Not only did I regain my health and function, walking a gain without a cane and without pain, but I lost 13 pounds in 1 month! I continue now with regular adjustments to maintain my health and I whole-heartedly recommend Carolina Chiropractic Plus to everyone!

- H. Church

I came to this office in 2005 complaining with lower back pain and leg pain. My family doctor had been treating me with pain medications which did not help. Finally, my family doctor referred me to Carolina Chiropractic Plus and I was diagnosed with disc degeneration and misaligned vertebra. It did take time, however from the beginning; I saw improvement in my pain and after several weeks was much better. In fact, my family doctor thought that I would probably have to have surgery. My problem completely resolved and I did not have to have surgery! I continue with regular care to help maintain my improvement and to allow me to continue my work as a nurse and a mother! You will find a very professional and friendly staff at Carolina Chiropractic Plus!

- B. McHargue

Last year I suffered with headaches and lower back pain. I found my care here at Carolina Chiropractic Plus to be very helpful. I now have few headaches and my lower back has gone away. I found the doctors and staff very friendly and helpful. I now get my entire family adjusted to help them to stay healthy.

- T. Cantrell

I have been a patient at Carolina Chiropractic Plus for over 12 years. I was first referred by my neurologist for long time neck and back problems. I would not have been able to function without chiropractic care.

- C. Wilson

I first met the doctors of Carolina Chiropractic Plus at a health screening. They scanned my spine with the ProAdjuster and were able to find a problem in my lower back that I had suffered with for many years. I chose to seek care at their office and found great relief of my back pain! Later, when I suddenly began having headaches, the doctors were able to help me with those as well! The doctors are great and really care about their patients. The staff makes you feel welcome and at home.

- P. Knotts

My child was suffering with back and side pain from playing a lot of baseball. He could not sleep at night because the pain was so bad. Immediately after starting care, he noticed relief. In a short time he was pain free and sleeping through the night. The ProAdjuster is great!

- C. Searcy

“Before I started Chiropractic Care, I was experiencing muscle tension, headaches and flare-ups of muscle spasms in my back and neck. Since starting regular Chiropractic Care, I have less frequent headaches and I can sleep better. I have a much more positive outlook and mood. I was surprised at the improvement in my overall mental health. I am much happier and I can handle stress better.”

“I can see Chiropractic benefiting my overall health in the future by relieving pain, preventing depression and assisting in stress relief. If somebody I knew hasn’t tried it yet, I would recommend it because it eliminates the need for many medications and it improves for overall health.”

- Jackie S.

“Before I started Chiropractic Care, I was experiencing soreness in my lower back which prevented me from doing all household chores, bathing my dog and doing yard work. Since starting regular Chiropractic Care, I am not having much soreness in my lower back and knees. Now I am able to work in my yard, give the dog a bath, and do house work with less pain.”

“I can see Chiropractic benefiting my overall health in the future by keeping me strong and feeling better. If somebody I knew hasn’t tried it yet, I would recommend it because it has been a blessing to me. It is just wonderful.”

- Ann B.

“Before I started Chiropractic Care, I could not turn my neck. My shoulders were hurting awfully. My arms feel numb and my hands were tingling. My neck was a mess. I was referred to an orthopedic. I decided to go with Chiropractic Plus. Since starting regular Chiropractic Care, I can now turn my head. It doesn’t hurt like it did before. My shoulders and neck don’t hurt as much. I’m pretty much getting there.”

“I can see Chiropractic benefiting my overall health in the future by the end of February. If somebody I knew hasn’t tried it yet, I would recommend it because it feels good and it works. The staff is wonderful. They really care about the patient. I love every one of them.”

- Gilda H.

“Before I started Chiropractic Care, I was experiencing shoulder pain that was causing difficulty with my daily activities. However, after the first hands-on ultra sound therapy, I noticed quickly that a lot of the aches I was experiencing in my shoulder had gone away. I highly recommend! Since starting regular Chiropractic Care, I have more mobility in my shoulder and less pain/soreness.”

“I can see Chiropractic benefiting my overall health in the future by proper alignment of my body which will result in an overall better quality of life-long term. If somebody I knew hasn’t tried it yet, I would recommend it because it really does help with natural healing of the body.”

- Patricia S.

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