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Disc Pain and Problems in Shelby, NC

Chiropractor explaining what a bulging disc is to a patient in Shelby, NC

Many people know someone who has or have themselves been diagnosed with spinal disc problems. However, exactly what a spinal disc is and what kind of problems they develop is not always something that everyone is familiar with. Here at Carolina Chiropractic Plus, we offer treatment for various disc disorders in Boiling Springs, Kings Mountain, and Cherryville, as well as Shelby.

An Overview of Spinal Discs

The spinal discs in your back are basically cushions between the vertebrae. They are round and flat, fitted between the vertebrae of the lower back and neck. Spinal discs are responsible for shock absorption when you move, and they facilitate easy motion in a variety of directions.

The exterior of a spinal disc is made of a firm but flexible material while the interior has a gel-like texture. Some disc problems are related to this material drying out, which makes the disc perform less effectively as a cushion. Other problems relate to the interior of the disc bulging out of its space, which can press on nerves.

Types of Disc Disorders

Degenerative disc disease is a condition where the disc dries out and loses volume, which can cause pain from nerve compression, tears in the exterior of the disc, or lack of cushion between the vertebrae. Both bulging and herniated discs refer to the disc material pressing out from between the vertebrae. Sometimes, this is caused by the disc becoming weak and bulging out from between the bones. Other times, it is caused by a tear in the outer material of the disc that allows the inner material to leak out.

Disc Pain and Diagnosis

Spinal discs themselves are rarely painful. However, when their function is compromised or they are pressing on a nerve, people may experience neck or back pain, which may or may not radiate away from the area. An exact diagnosis can be made using an MRI, but this is not always necessary in order to begin treatment.

Chiropractic Care for Disc Problems

With disc problems, it often is not important what the actual diagnosis is as what treatment options work for you. Chiropractic care is used to relieve pain by making sure that the joints are properly aligned and that pressure is taken off of any pinched nerves. Strengthening the surrounding muscles using physical therapy can relieve pain for some people. In the long-term, some people will benefit from losing weight, which we can help you do through our weight loss and nutritional counseling programs.

We Serve Shelby, Boiling Springs, Kings Mountain, and Cherryville!

If you are in pain, we are here to help. Carolina Chiropractic Plus proudly serves Shelby, Boiling Springs, Kings Mountain, and Cherryville in NC. To make an appointment, call (704) 482-0135 today!

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