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Shelby Chiropractor Discusses Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck pain can be acute or chronic. Acute pain comes on suddenly and, if treated properly, usually disappears within a few weeks or months. Chronic pain lasts for three months or longer and requires long-term pain management along with treatment for the underlying problem causing the neck and shoulder pain.

neck and shoulder pain treatment in Shelby.

Neck and shoulder pain can happen for a number of reasons, including poor posture, whiplash, and auto accidents. “Text neck” is a relatively new cause of neck and shoulder pain, affecting people who frequently use smartphones and other mobile devices.

There are three main types of neck pain: axial neck pain, radiculopathy, and myelopathy.

  • Axial neck pain affects the soft tissue of the neck. Whiplash and muscle strain are examples of axial neck pain.
  • Radiculopathy causes arm and neck pain and can cause numbness or weakness of the arm. Radiculopathy is the result of pressure against a nerve in the spine, a condition known as nerve root compression. Misaligned bones of the spine, known as vertebrae, can cause radiculopathy.
  • Myelopathy causes neck pain with arm weakness or numbness. This condition is the result of pressure on the spinal cord, also known as spinal cord compression.

About Shoulder Pain

There are many reasons shoulder pain can develop, including:

  • Dislocated shoulder – an injury in which the upper arm bone pops out of its socket
  • Shoulder bursitis – inflammation of the bursa, which is a fluid-filled sac that reduces friction between the bones of the shoulder joint
  • Frozen shoulder – pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint that gradually worsens over time
  • Rotator cuff injury – damage to the muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint and keep the upper arm bone firmly in its socket; usually causes a dull ache in the shoulder that often worsens when the individual tries to sleep on the affected side
  • Shoulder sprain – stretching or tearing of the ligaments, which hold two bones together to form a joint
  • Shoulder strain – stretching or tearing of the tendons, which are tough bands of tissue that connects the muscles of the shoulder to the bones there.
  • Tendinitis – involves inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder, which causes tenderness and pain near the shoulder joint

Shelby Chiropractor Treats Neck and Shoulder Pain

Our chiropractors can help treat neck and shoulder pain. Treatment varies, depending on the cause of the pain. Chiropractic care can alleviate pressure against nerves that cause radiculopathy and myelopathy. Spinal decompression and mobility therapy gently stretch soft tissues on the shoulder to restore movement and function.  ProAdjuster is a tool that helps our chiropractor analyze and treat neck pain associated with misaligned bones of the spine. Physical rehabilitation helps improve movement in the neck and shoulders.

Contact Carolina Chiropractic Plus Today to Schedule an Appointment

If you need help with pain management for neck and shoulder pain, make an appointment with our chiropractor near Shelby. Carolina Chiropractic Plus is conveniently located at 145 W Dixon Blvd in Shelby, NC. Our chiropractor in Shelby is committed to offering our patients with a broad range of treatment options using the latest, most effective medical technologies available. Make your appointment for relief from neck and shoulder pain today by contacting us at (704) 482-0135.

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