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Posted on 09-07-2017

Herniated Disc Care from Our Chiropractor in Shelby

Each bone of the spine has a disc known as an intervertebral disc.  It is made of a fibrous flexible material that provides a cushion between the front half of the bones of the spine.  This disc is known as the annulus fibrosus.  Inside the disk is a gel cushion called the nucleus pulposus.  A herniated disc, or slipped disc, is the distortion of the annulus fibrosus, sometimes including a leakage of the nucleus pulposus.  This distortion or leakage generally is directed backward or to the sides of the spine.  It occurs with strenuous exercise, trauma, or with chronic overuse.   A herniated disc can impinge on the spinal cord itself, or it can impinge on the nerves as they leave the spinal column.  Inflammation and pain can result.

Woman with lower back pain due to herniated discs.

The Journal of the American Medical Association published an analysis of a number of case studies shows that chiropractic adjustment is an effective treatment method.  This study showed that adjustment of the spinal column allows for pain relief and helps the healing process in acute back pain.

Chiropractic care with the Flexion-Distraction Technique

There is more than one method of chiropractic care for back pain.  One such method is the flexion-distraction technique.  This technique involves the use of a table that gently stretches the spine (distraction).  The chiropractor then uses rhythmic motion to isolate the area and flex this spine.  This set of motions allows the disc to return to its original position, relieving the pressure on the affected spinal cord or nerve roots.  This helps to relieve pain and inflammation associated with the herniation.

Other herniated disc treatments include manipulation under anesthesia (MUA), which can help in situations with high pain levels, and pelvic blocking, which reduces pressures in the vertebral column using carefully placed cushioned wedges.  Both of these treatments use physics to relieve the actual forces that work on the herniated disc to provide mechanical relief of the problem.  

Contact Our Local Chiropractor in Shelby for More Information Today!

Shelby chiropractor Dr. Rich Berkowitz has been practicing in the area for more than 20 years.  Dr. Brad Moffitt and Dr. David Lloyd Huff II are proud to join Dr. Berkowitz at Carolina Chiropractic Plus to provide excellent and compassionate chiropractic care. Contact us today for more information on herniated disc treatment at (704) 482-0135.

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